shave care products
Shaving Kits
The Full Size Kit includes all four elements of The Perfect Shave, Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, a Shaving Brush, and After-Shave Balm. The combination of these quality ingredients, handcrafted accessories, and expert shaving technique provides optimal closeness while helping ward against ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks and cuts, while leaving behind a soft and smooth face.
Travel Kits
Carry-On contains the essentials for a close and comfortable shave while you are on the go. The pouch is designed with a zip top closure for secure transport and is ideal for packing into your carry on luggage.
Shaving Creams
Indulging in your senses with these instantly recognizable aromas brings sophisticated luxury to your morning routine. The Shaving Cream generates a rich and foamy lather that helps protect the skin from irritation by improving razor glide. These shaving creams soften the beard for a close and comfortable shave while hydrating your hair for shaving and leaves your skin feeling smooth. It can be used with or without a shaving brush.
Fine Brushes
Fine Brush badger hair is even softer and finer than pure badger hair, and is also harder to come by. It also consists of hair that is extracted from the dorsal region of badgers. As for the color spectrum of the brush, the base consists of muddled white hairs, moving on to a black center, and a snow white tip.
Silvertip Brushes
A more elusive brush available to those with a more luxury taste. Known as “silvertip”, it is, de facto, the rarest and highest grade of badger hair in the world. These hairs are only found in the cervical area of badgers. Interestingly, silvertips and fine brush hairs can sometimes be confused with one another because of their similar characteristics. 
Pure Brushes
If price is of the utmost importance, then pure badger brushes comes highly recommended, as it uses the most readily available grade of hair on the market today. Colors range from dark tan to black, and pure badger hair is generally coarser than other, higher quality grades.
Straight Razors
For a closer smooth shave, less irritation and razor bumps you might want to consider owning a straight razor. Theres so many different kinds to choose from. Take a look at what fits your style best.
Lexington Collection 5 Blade
Experience outstanding closeness and comfort, with Flexball technology that pivots over the contours of your face and soothing micro-pulsations help to improve razor glide.
OneBlade Core
If you’re tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs and want to simplify your morning, you’re ready to discover single-blade wet shaving with CORE. The new CORE razor follows the same design profile as their award-winning, all stainless-steel and hand-assmbled GENESIS razor, but has been re-engineered with the polymer Tritan, making this our most affordable razor model.
OneBlade Genesis
The award winning GENESIS is the result of more than a year of design and innovation. Engineering the greatest razor requires borderline-insane attention to detail. From the pivot to the springs to the German stainless steel, they left no room for compromise or fault. (Even the weight kept them up at night.) OneBlade is the kind of rare perfection that grabs you the instant you pick it up.
Brio Beardscape
The Brio Beardscape is the ultimate tool to manage your 5 o’clock shadow to 5-month beards. The Beardscape perfects the stubble-look with the integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment. It comes equipped with 5 speed settings, responsive controls and an informative display all wrapped up in a compact size. It includes 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm guards.
Kingsman Collection
To celebrate the movie release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we bring you the Kingsman Collection. 

Beard Bib
Beard Bib catches your beard and hair trimmings while shaving just like a salon cape to allow an easy disposal. No Mess, No Clogged Drains: Fear the Beard Not the Mess.
Bak Blade
For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is an uncomfortable reality. The baKblade makes the hair removal process quick, easy and pain-free. You got enough to worry about, let baKblade care for your back. However, we will warn you. You may experience frustration for only finding out about bakblade now and not sooner.
Remington NE3200
Handle the details with the Remington WETech Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer. In or out of the shower, this battery-operated trimmer features Comfort Trim technology, using bi-directional blades and a blade guard to quickly and comfortably remove unwanted hair. Plus, the Washout System lets you clean the trimmer under running water to keep it fresh for every use.
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