Posted on January 1st, 2018
Currently, there is numerous men’s hairstyle, and they are part of a man facial beauty. 
Men haircut has evolved, and it is still evolving. While new styles pop out, the old once either come back in the same style or different forms.

This article will highlight men’s hairstyle currently in vogue.

High cut hairstyle also called Hi-top fade is a type of hairstyle that has the hair on both sides cut low while the hair on the head is long. The top can be in the plain form or any other choice designs.
High cut hairstyle has its origin in the era hip pop music of 80’s till 1996 when it then gradually ebbed out of fashion and found its way back into the fashion world in the 20th century. This hairstyle is mostly own worn amongst young adults, celebrities in sports, music, and actors. It wore for folks whose hair are curly and thick. Former President Barack Obama was said to have worn High cut hairstyle during his inauguration of his second tenure in office.

Like other hairstyles, buzz cut came in different forms but known for its uniformity of style. The four prominent ones are butch cut, crew cut, flat top and induction cut. These different styles are almost alike; the difference is in the clipper length used during the shave. Buzzcut is a very simple and less stress hairstyle that has been around for over a century. It is seen amongst military officers especially recruits, athletes and in the cooperate world.

Medium fade hairstyle and high top are almost of the same resemblance the difference is that the neckline is cleared off up to somewhere halfway up and the top is not is the half that of the high top. The advantage this hairstyle enjoys is that it can be worn by types of varying thickness. This hairstyle enjoyed much popularity 2017 as the top area came in different patterns.

Short and messy hairstyle is a fast trending hairstyle for men. It is perfect for any variety of hairstyle and portrays an attitude of organized and carefree look. It is playful, youthful and has a feminine appearance.

Quiff hairstyle is a classic hairstyle on men hairstyle cut across age, personal styles and shapes of faces. It can transform round faces into an elongated shape. This is where it is best recommended. Men began wearing this hair in the 1950s, and it is one hairstyle that has not run out of fashion. A popular stylist talks about quiff hairstyle as one that speaks confidence and keeps you in the spotlight. Quiff gives a soft feeling to any hair.

In choosing any trending hairstyle, it is recommended you take one that best suits the shape of your head to get the best hairstyle fitting. If you are looking to learn more about trendy hairstyles, hair care products and tips, please visit to find out more. 

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