Posted on January 1st, 2018
Beards are beautiful. 

It is worn across a range of different ages from the teen age. Different societies or cultures have a different definition of men’s beard. Amongst religious sect and to the ordinary man has grown beards long before ancient civilization and it did not go out fashion until the 20th century. In the present century, growing beards have become part of facial makeup, and there is an increasing population of male that grows beard today.

Beards come in different styles and will be outlined

Anchor beard style derives its name from the shape of a ship anchor. This style requires the ability to arrive at it. Anchor beard style has the almost the same similarity with an inverted T with the two ends goes up the sides chin. Around the lower chin runs up to lower lips and mustache. Hair growth in anchor beards is moderate. The popular holly actor, Robert Downey Jr is known beard style which gained popularity.

Balbo beard style also belongs to the family of inverted T beard style. Unlike the anchor beard style, Balbo beard reaches the jawline. Hair growth is a bit more than that of the anchor. Balbo beard style owes its origin to Italo Balbo, a prominent Italian Blackshirt leader and heir apparent to Dictator Benito Mussolini during the early years of the 20th century.

Bandholz beard style is a longer and fuller beard style. It is a member of the full beard family and has no defined length. It leaves a feeling of nobility when worn. This beard style is named after the inventor, Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, a company that is into men’s care products. This beard is mostly worn amongst athletes, actors and young adults.

Ducktail beard style gets a name from how its meaning- the tail of a duck. This beard style falls a wild and well cared for the style. And that is what makes it sophisticated and classy. 
In ducktail beard style, the hair on the chin can grow to any desired length while the upper part that connects the hair to the hair is trimmed. Ducktail is one beard style is that often worn currently.

As the name implies, full beard style is a member of the full beard family. Full beard style is an expression of manliness and boldness. It is thick and full all round and covers all the sides of your mouth. It connects from the upper lips through the cheek on both sides and runs upwards. Then below the chin, it covers up to the neckline. Those likely to wear full beards are folks whose bread growth does not look like a patchwork and scattered. To get full beard, it takes patience and cares for your beard.

When it comes to growing a beard, it is important that you follow the trends. At, we show you the latest beard style trend, how to care for your beards, and affordable beard care products. 

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